I’m glad I do, Sel. I really do.


How are you so amazing?

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Then I’m happy!


Well you should be. So where have you been?

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At least I admit it!


Yeah yeah, you’re a saint for admitting it.

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Honesty Hour. No questions are deleted. Nothing is off limits. Ask me anything.

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Sounds exciting…and a lot! I’m better with my two backpacks! Have you done anything? 


It’s so hard to choose what to do sometimes though. Yeah, I’ve explored, been one with nature, been to the beach and pools. I really want to try everything I can before we have to move again.

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I know, and I do have a pretty great mom. I hope to be just as good of one as her someday.


I do too. You probably will be, especially since you did have a good mom. You’ve learned from her mistakes but have learned how to care for children and how to be there for them.

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@SelenaGomez: i love the way you look at me💕
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Love ya too darling. 


You better!

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